Ashley Duncan, Board Member

Ashley Duncan, Executive Director

I would like to first start off by thanking you for taking the time out to learn more about me. I am an African American woman who was born and raised in Birmingham, Al (Roll Tide). I’m a mom to four children and the youngest sibling out of three. 

Growing up within Birmingham Alabama where resources are scarce and the need for social justice awareness more prevalent, I felt like continuing to live there was hindering my full potential within my educational journey. I am a first generational college student who held the visions of seeing myself outside the realms of poverty. One day I found the courage within myself to take a big leap of faith to pursue my pathways towards my educational success, so I decided to move to Lakewood, Washington to attend Clover Park Technical College. While attending Clover Park I earned an AAST-Human Services with a certificate in Chemical Dependency. I also, served on the hiring committee of Clover Park Technical College. The Hiring committee was chosen to hire the Director of Equity & Inclusion, the Lead Ambassador for the Student Leadership and Service Center at Clover Park Technical College. After attending Clover Park, I enrolled into the Evergreen State College and earned my BA in Business Administration with a focus in Public Policy and Education. Now I am looking to give back to my community and help build relationships that guide disadvantage individuals towards pathways that will help them create upward bound mobility. 

“The process of empowerment cannot be simplistically defined in accordance with our own particular class interest. We must learn to lift as we climb.” Angela Davis  

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