Sonya Watkins, Director

Sonya Watkins, Director

Hello, My name is Sonya Watkins. I am the Director of P.O.S Port of Support & Pathwayz to
Success. I went to school for Pre-Med, Cosmetology and I am currently attending school to
become a Social worker. I was born and raised within Seattle Washington( Metropolitan area).
My beautiful mother Elizabeth was a single Parent to five children and she raised her children to
always go after their dreams.

I am a single mother to six beautiful children and I enjoy motherhood. I identify as a survivor of
domestic violence and a warrior who has overcame hate crimes. I grew up around heavy gang
violence and drugs polluting my childhood memories, but I was blessed to not end up a product
of my environment. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

As I have learned to overcome not becoming a product of my environment I have realized that my stories can help guide Youth and Single mothers like myself onto a pathway towards “Upward mobility”.

I know we may not be able to change everything at once, but together we can learn so much
from one another. My focus is to help individuals channel self awareness, self love, cultural
indifferences in a manner that reconstruct how we as a society process information. Through
our organization we help individuals learn how to apply critical thinking that would manifest
positive equitable change. I am passionate about change and know that it may not happen
overnight. My moto is to stay optimistic at all times for our children's sake because they are the
future we are guiding through this journey of life. Just remember to try and stay positive as we
journey towards your Pathways to SUCCESS!!!

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